Saturday, October 3, 2009

Crystal Liquid Sugarcubes - The Cogwheel Sensation

Date: 02/10/09
Drug: LSD - Crystal Liquid
Duration: 5:00 pm to 9:00 am
Dosage: 3 x ca 50

After a far too short break from trippin I wanted to try out the full potential of Liquid Acid. I had heard reports and even experienced myself that the effect of a single sugarcube was not enough to give you a solid effect except numbness and milder hallucinations. I took one in the afternoon and one later at night when I hooked up with some friends of mine, the first sugarcube was just to give me a milder transition.
After the first one, I felt the same sensation as when usually dealing when the same kind of liquid acid. When I came over to the place where we were supposed to trip for the rest of the night I ate the two next sugarcubes. It did not take long (about 30-45 minutes) before I started hearing echoes from the music we were listening to, seeing vivid colours quickly fade in and everything I focused on started stretching out. This alone was pretty great, concidering I've been looking for a intense, yet controllable trip for quite some time now. It didn't take long before I started seeing cogwheel-like patterns in the walls and soon everything else too. Smoking cannabis became a pretty fun routine and the smoke felt and tasted very fresh and mint-like.
After a while I got too busy thinking about turning cogwheels and how they represented everything in function and how they all had such overwhelming symbolism at the moment (unfortunately I can't remember what it was.) Music was great, the motion was very wavelike and pleasant, yet intense and covering about everything around me. Later that night, me and one of my fellow trippers went for a walk outside, this was when the trip really surprised me. All around me the little suburban garden trees stretched out to giant mushroom-like floating trees, the stars were constantly moving around in the same cogwheel-like pattern I had seen before. The further we went away from the house, the further it felt like we were from our "safetybubble" (therefore the name of the blog) we both had the same sensation that some greater power did not want us to go this far away from the marked up area where we were supposed to be and it just intrigued us even more. I remember us walking down a straight road moving towards a building by the end of the road but never seeming to get any closer, it was scary at first but soon it turned into a facination. When we got a bit further we went into this forrest where we both felt like we were walking over some sort of metal concrete. We came by this small sewage house-thing by the side of the woods, when we stepped into the shadows behind it it was like the ground started breathing, the following is one of the most intense hallucinations I have ever experienced except for salvia: the entire ground starting moving in waves, the grass was slowly morphing into mushroom and fungi and everything just moved around wildly like the entire forrest was waking up from a hundred year long slumber. When I started sinking into the ground I figured it was time to go back to the house we were staying at, we had spent enough time outside the bubble. When we returned the other two people who were tripping with us told us they had had the same bubble sensation but that they had felt more secure and connected to the bubble that was the house because it had remained a sort of structure.
We had some pretty deep discussions and listened to pretty native dubstep which is my favorite choice of tripping music. One of my friends later switched on some tunes by this band I listen a lot to when not affected by psychedelica and it kind of crossed my skull in half, bringing back part of the non-tripping me but still being perfectly aware of the other side of me still being affected. It was a strange sensation of schizophrenia and enlightenment all at the same time. After watching morphing objects and nature shows we managed to talk the two others into coming outside again. We went back to the place behind the sewer-house and lit another spliff, this only triggered the psychedelia, the branches on the trees behind the house started growing and blossoming in pink, green and black-like, it started escalating until the little flowers morphing out started growing into beautiful colour patterns just growing out of the treetop. It is among the most beautiful things I have ever seen and that the mind can produce such images is simply amazing. It was extremely pleasant and gave me a warm feeling though I was surrounded by frost. It was pretty hypnosislike. When we went back inside it was about 3:00 am. We watched some pictures online that were meant to bring out stronger hallucinations when tripping and after a while I fell out and started the usual mental gymnastics session. One of the subjects I thought about was a pretty LSD related problem; if a person thinks so much and is so reflected upon his subjects it reduces his ability to function effectively in social and physical manners; does this make him incredibly wise or incredibly stupid?
After a while, I catched a tune playing in my head, it was like a basic beatline. It was extremely intense and I hurried to the bathroom to compose something out of it.
I stayed there for about fifteen minutes, just producing music using only the mirror, the flushing button on the toilet and the sink. One of my friends who were currently trying to sleep was surprised to find me in there, believing the rhytm he heard had only been in his head. I felt an unnatural control of my body and it felt like all my senses responded even before I had thought of what my next move would be. I went on exploring the house and started drawing a map of it on a piece of paper (Everyone else had went to bed so I had the whole house to myself). The map was basically of the upper floor of the house and all the "worm holes" in there. During the rest of the night, the same intense, adrenaline-boosted rhytm I had heard in the
bathroom pulled me around the house. I walked through room after room, studying everything around me, sending knocking signals through walls, exploring the room I was staying in in the dark... I even got the idea that the mirror was a sort of security camera where I could keep track of what happened around me in the room.
I thought a lot more and started fantasizing about some greater, hidden being putting up limits impossible for people to get across because it was the only thing he could use to hide himself from us. The whole idea came to me when I thought about how much colder it was outisde at nighttime. The whole thing was pretty connected to the bubbletheory I had thought about all night. I went downstairs and started drawing, my pictures always turns out way different when I draw on LSD. I drew three pictues, one of them was morphed out from the map I drew earlier, warping out of the worm hole.
I will scan all these pictures later. After a few hours I decided to get some sleep when the sun had already went up. I went to bed and slowly faded to sleep.
All though I had taken three times the normal dosage of LSD I still felt fine the next day except a little numbness and a few aches.
This is one of the best trips I have been through so far, I am pretty proud of haven taken the same dosage I bad tripped so badly on the first time I took LSD and managed to have a fullblown possitive trip on it.
I'll also scan the pictures I drew later when I get access to a scanner.

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